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    1. Baoji City zhitongche Rare metal materials Co., Ltd.

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      Is located in Baoji City, rare metal industry area, is a production and processing of high temperature refractory metal molybdenum, tungsten, tantalum, and titanium and other rare metals manufacturers. The company mainly produces refractory metal materials: sheet, bar, pipe, wire, etc .; deep processing tungsten and molybdenum tantalum titanium parts products, the company has cars, milling, grinding, deep hole processing, welding, bending, stamping and other professional refractory Metal special production process. Deep processing of products: all kinds of resistance vacuum furnace tungsten and molybdenum accessories, single crystal furnace tungsten and molybdenum parts, LED furnace and test furnace tungsten molybdenum tantalum spare parts products. Long-term construction of tungsten and molybdenum vacuum furnace gallbladder, design and manufacture of tungsten and molybdenum insulation screen, tungsten and molybdenum tantalum heating body. Custom production of tungsten and molybdenum tantalum screws, bolts, refractory metal electrodes, molybdenum boat, molybdenum box, tungsten and molybdenum crucible, and vacuum tungsten and molybdenum heating, rare metal target. All kinds of molybdenum, tungsten, tantalum, titanium standard parts, shaped pieces, and so on.

      The company's scientific management, advanced technology, production inspection system integrity, improve after-sales service. Heritage innovation craftsmen spirit, establish a new China manufacturing, realistic and simple, Seiko secret agents. The company will be 'high-quality products, attentive service' as a purpose, we would like to join hands with friends, common progress, and seek common development.

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